Thursday, December 8, 2011

Back to tatting...

This is called 'Elegance' and the pattern is by Lyn Morris from the book Tatting Patterns.  The thread is Lizbeth size 20 in the color of Ocean Turquoise Lt.  I think it's going to be very pretty on someones Christmas tree!

This one is called 'Loop-di-Loop'. Design by Hatmut Haas for the web site:
In the search area type in 'tatting'.

Don't you just love the Red and Green Christmas colors!! 


Stephanie Grace said...

Both look so lovely, but I really must say that I'm blown away by 'Elegance'! I actually had to go and look in the book because I couldn't remember seeing it in there... Sure enough, it's one that i just didn't like. May be it's the thread choice or... I don't know, but yours looks so beautiful that I'm thinking I might try that pattern --the picture in the book NEVER enticed me! Thank you!

Stephanie Grace

God's Kid said...

Your motif and doily are fabulous! Love that Christmas colored doily! :)

Linda said...

Yep, it's about time you were tatting again! I sure missed you. These are both wonderful. I love the Loop di Loop and I've got to do one. Yours is lovely. Although, if I whine a little more maybe you will be feeling generous like Lucille and take pity on me and give me this one. You know I never got a name tag done for me...How long do I need to taunt you with this? Ha, ha, love this and I'll be doing one soon.

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