Sunday, June 26, 2011

UFO... Unfinished Project from Feb. 1996

 Well, I guess I have been inspired to drag out this afghan out. At first it was with the intent to 'ditch' it...after all I was cleaning out a closet. But then Fox may have inspired me...THANKS, FOX! She made a comment about the tatted Flower Garden I just started.

I laid it out, seeing what I had done in the past, and well its not as bad as I thought. I do have some regrets. I know that is why I put it away the last time I drug it out. I crocheted too tight. This was before I learned to quilt. I only knew how to crochet at the time and thought I would make me something that 'looked' like a quilt. Using a looser stitch would not give me the same texture, I guess.

Anyway it is what it is. I will change and add a new flower color. We shall see. Mercy, what was I thinking!!! LOL


Umintsuru said...

That is really pretty, Nancy. I'm so happy you decided to continue with it. Happy crocheting.

Linda said...

Hmm, 1996, I think you win! I don't have any projects that old. Of course, I'm not going to say if I finished them, gave them away or threw them away so that I wouldn't have any that old! I hope you finish it, maybe you can make it smaller or change the setting a little and you will have enough to put it together without working on it too much. Bring it and show us at the meeting. Have fun!

Margarets designer cards said...

Well its only a few years old, so I expect you will finish it one day soon!!!!
Looking lovely as it is laid out, but I dont think thats what it will look like when you have finished?