Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Drawstring Tatting Bag, for a friend.

I used the pattern from the book: Contemporary Art of Knotting with a Shuttle by Rhoda L. Auld.

Not knowing, I added an extra ring of the 2nd round, making the base larger. Awesome! What a nice surprise that this 'error' would make it 'WOW'. The bag has about a 7 inch opening. I made one last year. Just the perfect size to carry my tatting supplies. I use a small size contact case, much like what you would use for glasses, only smaller. In it I add: shuttle, one to tat with and another that has a crochet hook on it and pair small pair of scissors.  In the bag even a small bottle of Fray Check or clear finger nail polish and a ball of size 20 thread. I find no need to line it, but I am sure it would be even pettier if one did.


tatting-marie said...

I love your tatted drawstring bag. You did an great job tatting it.

One thing that you mentioned that you put in the bag - clear nail polish. Hope you aren't using that on your tatting. Many years ago when I first started tatting, I used the clear nail polish to "seal" the knots when I was done tatting. After awhile they all turned yellow. Now the nail polish may have changed over the years, but I wouldn't use it after what happened to my tatted things.

I try to have no knots in my tatting, but sometimes that is impossible. I have been using a product called "Unique Stitch" for quite sometime and so far it has not turned my tatting yellow. (I tat all my snowflakes with white thread.) I purchase it at JoAnn's Fabric & Craft Stores.

Karen said...

Such a very, very nice tatting bag - and I have the book! Like your color choice, too. Thank you for sharing. Karen in OR

God's Kid said...

That bag is beautiful!!! :)

Gwen said...

Very nice bag, you did a great job.

Unknown said...

I love this bag! It must have taken you awhile to make it. I still have your angel and need your address to send it to you. Can you please email me at the following address and give it to me? Thanks!