Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New picture site....link and password

password: london
I had nothing but heartache working with Shutterfly...so, we are now using the above site.
I have not as of yet been able to edit all the pics, so forgive me if they are not 'just right'. But I still want to share with you some of what I saw. *smile*


Sandy said...

Sorry that Shutterfly wasn't kind to you. Looks as if you had a glorious trip!

K kay_can said...

I love your Blog; I know nothing about Tatting but would love to learn. I do crochet, cross stitch and craft, not as much as I used too but some. I was especially interested in your trip to England and France. I am planning on going there in April 2011. I loved your pictures and all the descriptions were great. I am so glad I came across your blog; I can't wait now, to go to Europe. I will be back to see all your beautiful tatting projects.