Friday, February 19, 2010

'Tuesday Tatters' with Gina Butler

We had a  guest this past week at our group. Ms Gina Butler, from Okla City was kind enough to come for an evening and gave a class on SSSR (single shuttle split ring), making 'dimples' for a 'Heart Strings' and various others helpful and useful tatting information/techniques.
Since it was Chinese New Year, we also had a wonderful dinner prepared for us by 2 great ladies in our group. They are from Singapore and wanted to give us a 'taste' of their favorite foods.
It was a wonderful evening of learning, laughing and yes, eating!

OH! I forgot to mention, Gina son designed buttons for us! "Tat Tues Day".
Thank you so much Ron! If you click on the pic of the page of instustions, you can see our special buttons!


IsDihara said...

What a wonderful evening of tatting camaraderie! No tatting group in my area, so I'm a wee bit jealous...

But ever so glad you shared your photos and description. I enjoy living vicariously through other tatters. LOL!

Jane Eborall said...

Woweeeee, is that Gina in the blue top and the black pants? At last I've seen her. What an wonderful evening for you all.

Nancy G said...

It's so nice having a tatting group!
Yes, that is Gina. She also had on a tatting collor to go with her sweatshirt....sooo pretty!

Typstatting said...

Wish we had a tatting group here. I am also jealous!!!! Thankyou for the lovely message that you left on my blog.

Elizabeth said...

What fun. Tatting groups are wonderful.