Monday, April 20, 2009

I had an extra day!

Abby wants out of her cage!

Abby doing a 'happy dance' on Eli's shoulder.

Not to worry. Abby LOVES people and sharing food is her greatest joy!

Yes... the girls decided to not leave for Atlanta on Sunday as planned. They weren't ready for that 12 hour drive just yet. Instead they took off early this morning (Monday). Had extra time with that baby...rocked him to sleep every chance I could...I was truly 'living in the moment!" *smile*

Aunt Ondea in the 'bus' with Eli.


Unknown said...

What a joy to have your girls and that cute grandbaby for some extra time! :)

That cute bird sounds like a character!

Jane said...

How lovely to have had an extra day

Nancy G said...

Thank you both! Yes, it was a wonderful surprise!

Sandy said...

Nancy, I miss YOU!!!

And your girls are beautiful and your grandbaby is adorable!!!

But I do miss you!