Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tatted Bookmark

One of my 'blog' friends asked me if I was OK, since I had not written for a while.
Bonnie, thank you....You made my day for asking!

I have been working on a pattern that was shared in tatting group last week.
A corner bookmark. The pattern called for size 30 thread, but I
am doing my first one in size 20. WOW.
The first half was time consuming, but easy enough but the second half has been the real challenge for me. You're to join as you go...ohhhh my!

I am also working on the last of 'Now I Lay' quilts...half way done!
Yahoo! I should be done with the quilting today and start
on hand sewing the binding in a few days...Easy does



Linda said...

Wow, girl you have been busy. Your bookmark looks great. I'm not ready to tackle this one yet...That quilt looks good too. You are really getting things done. I'm jealous! Hugs, Linda

Jane said...

What a lovely quilt. Love the bookmark, looks like there is so much work involved