Friday, October 31, 2008

My inspiration...

My years ago, (at least 30) I came across this beautiful note card. It was given to me by a resident at the Kansas Masonic Home where I worked. At the time I was not 'into' tatting, but I knew I would someday.
About 15 years later, I was at one of my favorite places, Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. It was during their National Harvest Festival that I came across this handmade shuttle. Again, I was not 'ready' to tat but I knew someday ...
I bought it, put it away for safe keeping...and now, after all these years I am tatting!
One of the many benefits of growing older...the joy of delayed gratification! *smile*
P.S. You really must click the picture to get a 'birds eye' view of this wonderful tatting!

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Jane said...

Since I have startes reading blogs, I have seen some wonderful pieces of tatting. The thought of handling those handmade tools is enough to inspire anyone to have a go-maybe one day!