Monday, October 6, 2008

Eli's quilt

I started Sept 7 on this quilt. Yesterday I was able to complete the 9 blocks of embroidery to my satisfaction. I tried different methods to frame the square and even different fabrics. Piecing a quilt is much different then what I was trying to accomplish. Soon I will have the quilt completed to show you my work. For today, I am still working out the
So, please come have to see the finish project. I will see my daughter in a few weeks and show her the babies quilts...and show great grand-mother what I did with her wonderful embroidery square of "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep".


Jane said...

I bet they will all be very pleased with what you have done. Can't wait to see the finished result

Bonnie said...

I think you are a tease. "grin" I will be popping back in to see this quilt. Is it hand embroidered or by machine? Bonnie/PA

Nancy G said...

Yea...come on back! lol
Bonnie, the hand embroidery work was done for my grandchildren's quilt by their 86 year old great grandmother just this May! She did 3 sets of this pattern, and I am in the process of putting them into a quilt. If you scroll down my will also see Juniper's and Malakai's.