Thursday, July 17, 2008

...taking a little break

I guess I just need time away from the quilting table. I found this wonderful card stitching on line and decided to make this butterfly for my friend Mary. Instead of card, I made mine on a piece of felt. I will insert that into a card.

Years ago I made her quilt. I have added the pic of it. I will put it in a card and mail it today. Hope it makes her smile...

I also had my first tatting class on Tues. So much fun. Met a group of women that was just a nice as could be. I was also given a few web sites and I did join a few groups. There are people out there that just amaze me. Such talent and a so willing to share and teach!

Next door a group was pinning a quilt using a stand up frame. Learn how to use a pin closer thingy. Now, when I get one, I'll know how to use it.
Wonderful women there too! Wow. See what happens when you leave your meet people. lol


swooze said...

Hi where did you take your tatting class? I saw your post on Stashbuster today and wanted to say hello. I am in Mesquite.

Nancy G said...

Took my class at Richardson Sr. Citizen Center. AND you don't have to be a 'sr' to attened. Thanks for taking the time to say Hi.

Anonymous said...

Its easy to make for someone that we know what she likes. I have a butterfly layer cake which I plan to make for my sis.