Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Juniper's quilt...

I am slowly getting there...I am adding a 2 in. purple sash to the top and bottom of the rows. The last 4 rows are complete, only 6 more to go. I am always so grateful for 'grandmas stash'. I always fine something that matches! Just love her to pieces.
Some of the 'ladies' in the quilt have embroidery work on them. I purchased a book on E-Bay
by Margie Bauer, The Embroiderer's Handbook. Wonderful book for me, a beginner. I feel this adds a little texture to the quilt and complements the work done on the white blocks.
What a fun way to practice new stitches!

In my free time, I am trying to do that another story!


Anonymous said...

hello mother... sorry it took me so long...

ewww la la laa. I love the quilt. It's perfect for my june bug!

Sandy said...

Nancy, you are amazing! You are a woman of many, many talents!

And you have a kind heart.

Nana Texas

Lori Gibson said...

Juniper quilt is absolutely beautiful. Great work! Your blog is also a work of art.
Thank you,