Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

This is the guest room. I did make the crochet trim and Romanian Point Lace and added to the window and door treatment just this week.
Our grandson that is visiting for 2 weeks. He and I have been enjoying the park across the street in the early mornings, mid-morning swim in the pool...the rest of the day we are indoors. Its HOT. All week its been in the 100 degree range. Great time to do the crochet trim for the guest room, while Austin is playing with his logos.

In this pic you can see (sort of) where Miss Duck has laid her eggs May 2009. On your right hand side, under the blue umbrella, is a patch of Fountain Grass next to the side walk. That is where she and her 10 eggs are!

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Hello Nancy. Your guest room is lovely. Can I come to visit?? LOL I also LOVE your pool. OH how I wish I had one too. Your State Birds and Flowers are off to a wonderful start. Hugs judy