Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Until next spring...NOT

Last night my wonderful husband built a ramp for the babies to get out of the pool. Didn't take them long to figure it out.

I called over the neighbor kids so they could share my excitement.

The gate was open, and what do you know....out they went. So....we followed them.

Hey, I had to make sure they could at least cross the street with out, well you know...

Stop traffic is what I did! One family even pulled over at a park to 'watch'. I guess she knew where she was taking them. I was told there is a creek nearby. One dear person saw me in the middle of the alley...notice what was going on and backed up and went around to get to his house! How special was that!

We went threw yards, down the alley and down sidewalks. Finally it was time to 'let them go'.

Big sigh. So, I did. Sort of. As I was walking backwards, (still watching them) I stop a car to ask them to be careful of the ducks...I told them what we were doing, and she too said, "yea, its hard but we have to let them go". I put them in Gods hands, (where they should be) and went back home.

I am very happy for my young friends next door. Thank you.

Now...what is going to happen to the 3 eggs left in the nest?



Hello Nancy, Can I come and swim in your pool with the duckies????? It certainly looks very inviting. Hugs Judy

Anonymous said...

If Mrs. Duck left 3 eggs it mostly might mean that the eggs will be skunky

They should be hatched and may not have ducklings in them.

Mountainrose said...

Since she had duckling out of the shell, I would say that those three eggs left are not going to hatch and to toss them, carefully. If they get broken, you will have a huge stink around.

Nancy G said...

Thank you for the advice on the eggs...since she did not return to her nest, to busy taking care of her little ones, I toss the eggs out....very carfully! Handle with pastic be on the safe side! lol

Sandy said...

Ms. Nancy, Bogey and Skye's mommy thinks that you are a Godsend!

I'm so glad that you enjoy birds and sewing. LOL!!!

At our house, we think that you are the "bestest!."

Love & blessings,

Anonymous said...

aww my ducks are gone :( y'all come back now! mwah ha ha HA!

Sweet Woodruff said...'s just like the book. Make way for Ducklings...I think, or something like that. We've had baby ducks before in our pond and it's lovely to watch them grow up.